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What We're All About

We are a small family-business located and operating from our home in Henderson, Nevada. We believe that positive change and growth are gradual. We believe that day-to-day choices, such as the coffee we drink, can make a meaningful impact on our environment and neighboring communities. Our name, Windfall, is a symbol of good fortune and it is one of the pillars of our business to spread good fortune by helping the environment and the working hands who provide our coffee beans. Windfall will produce a superior tasting cup that you can feel good about drinking.
We believe in sustainability and being kind to our environment. Unlike some of the largest coffee manufacturers, our coffee roaster produces zero-emissions and most of our packaging is recyclable and eco-friendly. We also believe that it is important to support the working hands of farmers in developing countries such as Colombia, Guatemala and Ethiopia.
Responsibly sourced coffee ensures living wages for farmers and aims to improve their communities. We believe in a better, fresher cup of coffee! We fair trade our coffee from accredited suppliers such Bellwether and Genuine Origin Coffee, who source beans from cooperatives and associations such as ASOPEP in Colombia, CESMACH in Mexico, ACODIHUE in Guatemala to name a few.  



Windfall Coffee Roasters' goal is to provide you with a high-quality, fresh roasted product to transform your daily cup of coffee into an extraordinary experience. This year we are happy to provide you with Ethiopia Guji Highlands Coffee, an organic natural processed coffee with cupping notes of strawberry and peach. This coffee was chosen one of the 25 finalist in this year's coffee category participating on the Good Food Awards 2021.
Also, through our roasting process, Windfall strives to consistently capture all the true and complex flavors of the coffee beans, giving you, the customer, the same great flavors every time. Windfall's mission is to help our environment and lessen our carbon footprint with our zero emission roaster for a better tomorrow. We will join hands with suppliers and people in our communities to continue having a direct and positive economic impact to our coffee producers around the world, as well as a more ethical and more sustainable practices.